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Understanding the Cost of Your Wedding Dress!

There are so many gorgeous elements that make each wedding dress a wedding dress: the train, embellishments, beading, lace details, etc.. The list goes on! Don’t worry though, we’re here to break down the details that factor into the cost of the wedding dresses for you!

#1 Fabric

Something New dresses are made from the finest fabrics available! These include italian matte satin, silks, chiffon, taffeta, organza and many more. The cost of your wedding dress will vary depending on the the fabric that you choose for your big day!

#2 Inner Lining and Construction

The more boning and inner construction, the higher the price of a gown. A great example would be our dresses with a corset bodice! While this may increase the price initially, the price of alterations is much lower because the dresses fit so much better.

#3 Ornamentation

Something New takes so much pride in the detail that goes into each and every wedding dress that we have in store! Some of our gowns have over 10,000 individually sewn beads that can take up to 38 days just to sew on! Other details to factor include lace, beading, appliques and other pattern work. These are the showstopper gowns that will leave your guests in awe on your wedding day!

#4 Skill Level of The Seamstress Constructing Your Gown

Every wedding dress at Something New is hand sketched and designed with luxurious fabrics and are hand sewn by some of the most talented artisans in the world. We are proud to say that each wedding gown at Something New is hand selected by our staff with our wonderful brides in mind!

With our expert stylists and our hand selected collection of wedding dresses, we know we can help you find the dress of your dreams at Something New while creating unforgettable memories with loved ones! If you are still looking for your wedding dress, book an appointment with us today!

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