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Top 4 Tips for Honeymooning During a Pandemic

The perfect way to top off the end of your wedding day is to wake up the next morning to the start of your honeymoon! While some couples decide that they will spend the next few days relaxing and listening to waves crash on the shore, others take advantage of this time by going on a European adventure and jumping from city to city. In the last year, brides have had to get a bit more creative with COVID-19 and their wedding plans, and this inevitably also changes honeymoon itineraries for most couples! Here are some of our top tips for planning a honeymoon during the pandemic.

#1: Outdoor Adventure

This is a great option for those that may have had a few hikes on their initial honeymoon plan. Whether you are up for an all out camping trip or finding a central resort/hotel close by, Colorado and Arizona would be perfect destinations for your outdoor adventure honeymoon!

#2: Staycation

Staycations are such a fun honeymoon alternative. You could take a few days to settle into your home together as a newly married couple or you could reserve a few days at a boutique hotel close by that is surrounded by fun night life and some foodie faves!

#3: Road Trip


If you aren’t ready to head to an airline just yet, a road trip might be the perfect post-wedding trip! Whether you plan multiple pit stops in one state or want to hit a few bucket list spots crossing state lines, you will without a doubt make unforgettable memories with your new partner in crime!

#4: Two – Part Trip

If you have a set honeymoon budget, a two-part trip is the way to go! Set aside a quarter of your budget to sneak away for a couple of days after your nuptials, so when you are able to travel freely you can book the honeymoon of your dreams while also celebrating the end of travel restrictions. It’s the best of both worlds and the wait will be worth it!

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