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Discover Our Exclusive Collection – Brooklyn Grace 2021!

With our Brooklyn Grace trunk show coming up at the end of this month, we wanted to give you the inside scoop as to why this Something New exclusive bridal collection is so close to our heart!

Why Brooklyn Grace?

for our daughters….

Our owner, Mindi, often jokes that her bridal shop was her first child until she had the first of her three boys. Mindi takes care of women daily as a bridal shop owner and hoped to one day experience the same special moments with her own daughter.

In June 2017, Brooklyn Grace, her first and only daughter, was born! One of the meanings of the name “Grace” is “unexpected gift from God” which is exactly what Brooklyn Grace is to her family.

After Brooklyn Grace was born, Mindi was inspired to create a wedding gown collection in honor of her daughter. This designer bridal collection is filled with whimsy and joy, that really do remind one of dreaming about being a bride. When you look at these Brooklyn Grace dresses you cannot help but smile. It’s a bridal collection that she curated for her own daughter and for all daughters. We are so excited for everyone to see and experience these gorgeous wedding dresses in our new 2021 collection!



If you are still looking for your dream wedding dress, we are here for you! Something New is having a Brooklyn Grace trunk show January 29 – 31 and you do NOT want to miss it! Book your appointment today to reserve your spot with one of our expert stylists!

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