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4 Gorgeous Holiday Photo Spots for Colorado Couples

It’s about time to gather up your fam, fur babies and matching (or not matching) holiday outfits for some gorgeous photo ops! Our Something New brides always blow us away with the most breathtaking spots in Colorado and we’re here to spill the tea on our favorite spots.

While you may have to pack some extra jackets and hiking boots for a few of these locations, it is all worth it for golden hour in the mountains!

#1: Woodland Park Colorado

About 30 minutes away from Colorado Springs, Woodland Park is great destination whether you are looking to get lost in the trees or stand in the clouds for your next photo adventure!


#2: Rocky Mountain National Park

This park is about 2 and a half hours from Colorado Springs, but well worth the drive for these views to be the backdrop of your next Instagram post. With over 415 square miles of mountain terrain, you are sure get THE holiday shot, or maybe even a few.


#3: Loveland Pass

This destination is a high mountain pass in the Rocky Mountains and is located on the Continental Divide. Loveland pass is also about 2 hours from Colorado Springs and just as picturesque as our other top spots!


#4: Garden of the Gods Park

Last but not least is the Garden of the Gods Park! Located in Colorado Springs, this location is certainly close to our heart. The bright orange sandstone formations are a DREAM backdrop for all of the warm and moody tones for your fall photos!


Although our Something New wedding dresses are the perfect complement to the romance of these locations, these parks are certainly fit for your couple and family holiday pics to share with friends and family!

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