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Wedding Party: Styling 101

So you just said YES to the person of your dreams, which means you are over the moon excited and ready to start planning for the big day! One of the first steps, along with finding your wedding dress, is finding your bridesmaids dresses, which is no easy feat! With styles, sizes, colors and prices, there are so many options out there when it comes to finding the perfect looks for your girls! We wanted to break down the most popular trends for dressing the bridal party.

Style 1: All Same Everything

There are so many different options for your bridal party – the sky is the limit for dresses/color/styles. The most traditional look for your wedding party is picking one color and one dress style for all of your girls! This is perfect for the bride that has a dress picked out that will look great on every one of her maids. It is a great choice for a classic, elegant wedding day!

Style 2: Monochromatic Maids

For brides that want a more consistent color scheme, mixing dress styles of the same color may be the right fit for your bridal party. With this choice, all of your bridesmaids can choose a style that makes them feel the most confident and comfortable, while still being in the same color that you have chosen for them! This is the most popular choice in bridal parties, but mixing shades and styles is slowly gaining traction for wedding parties.

Style 3: Mix & Match Mania

Our Something New bride Shanah chose one of the latest trends for a bridal party – mixing styles and colors for an overall theme or tone. This option is perfect for the bride looking for vibrance and color to be the focus on her big day! Once you’ve chosen a color palette, each bridesmaid can pick a dress according to that palette. Warm tones are great for Fall and Winter weddings while cool tones fit well for spring and summer months!

Not only does Something New have an unforgettable bridal experience, we also offer a full experience for the wedding party and menswear! Visit our website to browse all things bridal, bridal party and menswear or book your appointment with one of our expert stylists and find everything you need for your big day.

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