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Top Tips for Your Quarantine Wedding

We recently received the most gorgeous images from real #SNBride, Shanah Cooley! It’s safe to say we have the perfect quarantine wedding inspiration just for you!

Tip #1: Live Stream

We know you may not be able to invite everyone on your original guest list, but the good news is a live stream doesn’t have a guest limit! So invite your family and closest friends to your backyard wedding and send everyone else an e-vite to live stream your wedding ceremony! This is the perfect way to make sure everyone can be part of your big day.

Tip #2: Stick to Who You Are

With the constant changes of safety guidelines, it’s important to stick to your wedding day vision! The venue might change and the number of guests might change, but it is still your day. Shanah is the perfect example of this! She was creative in the ways that she incorporated her colors and theme into every part of the day.

Tip 3: Do What Makes You Happy

Your wedding day is just that, YOURS! There is no right or wrong way to approach wedding day changes in quarantine so do what makes you and your significant other happy. You will look back on this day forever so it’s important to make your decisions based on what makes sense to you during this time.

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