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Why You Should Get At Least a Day-Of Wedding Planner

It seems like for forever, there have been two categories of weddings: those planned by wedding planners, and those planned entirely by the couples. Before, if you couldn’t afford a traditional wedding planner, then your only option was to plan and execute the entire wedding yourself, which can become stressful and overwhelming! Recently, a new trend has emerged that serves as a happy medium between having a wedding planner and not having one: the day-of wedding planner.

Wondering what that is? You’re not alone! We’re going to break down the enigmatic role of the day-of planner, and go over some great reasons why you should consider hiring one!

What does a day-of wedding planner do?

When learning about a day-of wedding planner, many couples may have misconceptions about what role they take. Where a traditional wedding planner would take the lead in the planning process by booking all of the services, venues, and professionals for your wedding day, as well as make design suggestions to help you stick within your theme and budget, the day-of wedding planner, or the day-of wedding coordinator, doesn’t book any of your services. Coming in at least 3 weeks – 3 months ahead of the wedding after most of the planning has been secured, the day-of wedding planner immediately becomes the point of contact for all of your vendors, taking the pressure off you and your future spouse when it comes to executing all of the gritty details on the big day.

Real Something New Boutique Bride Marci shows us how getting ready is a breeze with a day-of planner making sure everything’s running smoothly! (Photo: Wild Heart Visuals)

Here are some typical tasks a day-of wedding coordinator would be in charge of on your wedding day:

  • Create a detailed timeline of events on your wedding day and distribute it to all vendors.

  • Coordinating efforts between all professionals and vendors hired by the bride and groom.

  • Running the wedding rehearsal.

  • Executing all activities on the wedding day, like:

    • Helping bride and bridal party with dressing and photo taking.

    • Coordinating bridal party through processional and recessional.

    • Checking all detail from the final head count for the caterer, to making sure all of the favors are properly arranges.

    • Checking the venue for the correct lighting, floor plan, and food placement.

  • Collecting all goodies at the end of the night (gifts, cards, champagne flutes, cake knife).

  • Tipping your vendors.

Real Something New Boutique Bride Shannon and her new hubby cut into their cake. The day-of planner can make sure the cake is in the right place at the right time for the cutting!

Why you should get one:

  1. Peace of Mind

    The biggest reason that couples choose to hire a day-of wedding planner is for the peace of mind. Your wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life, so you should be able to enjoy it and soak in every moment- which means not worrying about each wedding vendor and making sure every, single thing goes according to plan. Without a day-of wedding planner, the bride and groom (or members of their family) are left worrying that everything runs smoothly and are left having to be the ones to deal with any last-minute issues that may arise.

    A day-of wedding planner is like your personal wedding ninja that is able to fight off any disasters that may arise, so that your left stress-free and having fun!

  2. Truly Execute Your Vision

    If you have a super specific vision for your wedding, with a million little details that all need to line up, then a day-of wedding coordinator is an essential for you! The reality is, you can only be in one place at a time, and since you’re the center of attention of the big day, you might not be able to run around and make sure that everything is good to go and looks exactly like you wanted it to. The day-of planner is definitely your biggest ally in making sure that all of the vendors and decor are coordinated exactly how you envisioned it because it’s their literal job to make sure everything goes off without a hitch!

  3. Be a Better Host

    Like we said before, your wedding day is all about you! Which means you should be as available as possible to mingle with guests, take photos, and dance the night away! If you’re not having fun, and are constantly worried about making sure everything is working properly on your wedding day, your guests will be able to sense it and the atmosphere won’t be as happy and celebratory as you deserve! Taking the stress off yourself will allow you to be a more attentive and gracious host. Plus, if you plan on enlisting your family to help you pull off your big day, it will take the pressure off of them, too- allowing them to enjoy the wedding the way they should- as a guest.

    Real Something New Boutique Bride Danelle enjoys some quality time with her bridesmaids, something you can do more of when you have a day-of coordinator helping you keep everything running smoothly! (Photo: Shelby Gloudemans)

  4. Get Professional Help

    Wedding emergencies happen! Whether it’s a groomsmen missing a shirt, or one of your vendors showing up late, issues will arise during your wedding, which can leave you, or someone in your family making stressful phone calls. Since it’s a day-of wedding planner’s entire job to make sure these types of issues are dealt with, they’ll know exactly what to do to make sure any problems are dealt with as quickly as possible, leaving you worry-free!

We hope these tips help you decide on whether or not to invest in a day-of wedding coordinator! If you’re still searching for the perfect wedding dress, visit the Something New Boutique website to view our latest collections, then book your appointment and visit us at our location in Colorado Springs, Colorado!

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The header image is by Katie Corinne Photography.

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