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Our Favorite Bridal Hairstyle Trends of 2019

There are so many fun aspects of putting together your dream wedding day outfit, from finding the perfect wedding dress, to assembling all of your Something Olds, Something News, Something Borroweds, and Something Blues. While figuring out what wedding dress you’d like to wear, and all of the accessories you’ll add to it are probably the most important aspects of your wedding day ensemble, you definitely shouldn’t forget about your hairstyle!

When it comes to wedding hair, many brides opt for a style that won’t get in the way of their dress or veil, so it becomes secondary to the rest of the look, but we encourage brides to have some fun with it! Since you’re probably planning on taking some wedding photos, you should choose a hairstyle that you’ll love looking at for the rest of your life, that also complements the rest of your bridal look. This year, we’ve seen a ton of gorgeous wedding hair trends that we think any modern bride would love, that also have a timeless feel, so you won’t regret the look later on.

We’ve chosen to showcase a few of our favorite wedding hair trends for 2019. Check them out below:

Glamorous Ponytail

While a low bun or chignon has been the standard for a sleek and simple bridal hairstyle that won’t get in the way, 2019 has seen the rise of the glamorous, wedding ponytail! This simple hairstyle is so sleek and easy to create, and you can spice it up with added details like wrapping the hair around the base, teasing it for extra volume, or flipping it under for a romantic vibe.

Images: Left- Kenzie Victory. Center- Suzanne Neville Bridal Spring/Summer 2020. Right- OctaviaplusKlaus

Simple Center Part

This minimalist style would be the ultimate choice for the carefree, laid-back bride. Wear your hair loose with a center part for a no-fuss look that accentuates your natural beauty, and frames your face beautifully. This style would be particularly good for any bride going for a natural, boho look on her wedding day!


Images: Left- Temperley London Bridal Spring/Summer 2020. Center- Galia Lahav Bridal Spring/Summer 2020. Right- Jenny Pakham Bridal Spring/Summer 2020.

Sleek Half Updo

Where half updos of the past often focused on adding a lot of volume to the top of the hair, the 2019 half updo creates a more sleek, minimalist look by only pulling back the face-framing parts of the hair and securing them in a twist, small braid, or with some dainty accessories for a super sweet and feminine look.


Images: Left- Mich Cardin. Center- Erich McVey. Right- @jenatkinhair on Instagram.

Tender Tendrils

Give the classic, wedding updo a more undone, natural look by leaving out some whispy, face-framing tendrils for a super soft, romantic look that also has a youthful feel that will never go out of style! Any bride that wants to avoid looking too prim on her wedding day should consider this simple, low maintenance bridal hairstyle.


Images: Left- @brittsully on Instagram. Center- MoriLee by Madeline Gardner. Right- Kelly Berry Photo.

Boho Halo Braid

It looks like halo braids will be a hit with brides in 2019, and for good reason! This feminine style feels whimsical and free-spirited, making it perfect for any bride going for a bohemian theme for their wedding day look. It also creates a flattering, face-framing effect and adds the perfect amount of volume to the hair.


Images: Left- Jen Huang. Center- Tadashi Shoji Bridal Spring/Summer 2020. Right- Temperley London Bridal Spring/Summer 2020.

Over-The-Top Hair Bouquets

Flower crowns have always been an option for boho brides, but this season, we’re seeing brides with all different senses of style opting for flower crowns so dramatic that they could be considered your bridal bouquet! We love this trend because it’s just so much fun, and there are so many ways you can customize it, from the colors and types of flowers, to where you choose to put them- it seems like a 2019 bride can never have too many flowers!


Images: Left- Imaxtree. Right- Zuhair Murad Bridal Spring/Summer 2020.

Romantic, Tousled Waves

Again- going with the theme of playing up your natural beauty that seems to be a huge trend this year- tousled, wind-swept waves are a bridal hairstyle that would look good with any wedding day look! Opting for this simple, yet striking, style would ensure a low stress, carefree look on your wedding day that will never go out of style, meaning your wedding photos will look amazing for decades to come.


Images: Left- Vera Wang Bridal Spring/Summer 2020. Right- Wildheart Visuals.

Which bridal hairstyle would you try? We love them all! If you’re still looking for your dream wedding dress, visit the Something New Boutique website and browse our extensive collections of designer wedding dresses.

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