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Something New Boutique Sponsors The Exodus Road’s Night of Rescue Gala

The Exodus Road Gala

Something New Boutique has partnered with The Exodus Road for the past few years, and love supporting their work! The Exodus Road is an amazing organization that rescues men and women from sex trafficking all over the world and every time you buy a dress at SNB you are supporting their amazing cause. 

Something New Boutique was the presenting sponsor for The Exodus Road’s fundraising event this year at The Broadmoor Hotel, and last night our owners took our leadership team to attend the Night Of Rescue Gala. We learned so much about what The Exodus Road does; not only do they rescue people from trafficking, but they also help to arrest the traffickers. Last night, we celebrated over 1,200 rescues! We were amazed to see the community give so generously! The Night Of Rescue Gala raised $180,000 towards human rescue efforts this year! 

Our team celebrated that our hard work, along with YOUR choosing to shop at Something New Boutique is making such an impact on stopping human trafficking. We really feel honored to participate in this work with you! In the words of The Exodus Road’s founders, “Ordinary people can somehow make a difference in this problem.” 

If you are interested in learning more about The Exodus Road click

Check out some photos from the event below:


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