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The Anatomy of a Tuxedo – Our Guide to the Perfect Tux

Style. Color. Formality.

All of our grooms out there- this one’s for you! Will your day be formal, informal, colorful, classic trendy, or modern? The style of your wedding will play an important role in what you choose for your men’s formal wear! We’ve broken down each piece of the tuxedo to give you as much information as possible, so that you’re well-equipped with all of the necessary knowledge when it comes down to choosing the perfect tuxedos for yourself and your groomsmen!


Choosing the right fit for the right body type is so important. Most men nowadays opt for the slim-fit tuxedo for a more modern and tailored look. The “Traditional” fit is more boxy, and the “Ultra Slim” fit is the most modern and trendy.

groom wedding tuxedo guide tips something new boutique coloradoPhoto: Tina Joiner Photography

The Jacket

The jacket is a very important piece to your overall tuxedo look. The build of the groom and the wedding party should be a major factor on which you base your decision. If you and your groomsmen are tall, you can pull off a jacket with more buttons, or even a double breasted style. Huskier, more muscular men might opt for a one button jacket that will slim the waist.


The “Peak” lapel is most common and traditional, while the “Notch” lapel is the most popular- most rentals have this. The “Shawl” lapel is a very traditional style, but not the best choice for men with rounder body types.

groom wedding tuxedo guide tips something new boutique coloradoPhoto: Tina Joiner Photography


Shirts provide an opportunity to add character to your wedding day attire. The basic color of the shirts is white or ivory, and should be based off the color of the bride’s wedding dress. Microfiber materials are the latest, most popular material today, providing a very smooth texture and feel and often many color options for more customization.

The sleeve should be a little longer than your jacket to allow a little sliver of the shirt and cuff links to show.


Ties come in many different styles, patterns, and colors that you can customize to add more personality to your look. Bow ties are typically a more classic and formal style, and often come in solid colors. The “Windsor” tie has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Typically, the groom’s tie will match the color of the bridal gown, while the groomsmen’s will match the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Pocket Squares

Pocket squares are a great way to add a splash of color to your tux jacket. Many people match the pocket square color with the tie they have chosen.

groom wedding tuxedo guide tips something new boutique coloradoPhoto: Tina Joiner Photography

Cuff Links & Studs

Adding cuff links and studs will give your shirt a very polished, luxurious look. The style of the wedding should be kept in mind while choosing the right accessories for your tuxedo. If you’re having a more laid-back, casual affair, you might consider not adding any cuff links or studs to your tux look.

The Trousers

The trousers for the tuxedo jacket will be determined somewhat by the jacket you’ve selected. In general, the same style and color trousers should be worn throughout the men in the wedding party.


Wear long dress socks to look more polished and avoid showing any skin when you sit down during your wedding. A lot of men these days choose to express their unique style and personality with different patterns and colors, so have fun with it! It can even make for a super cute photo op!

Something New Boutique bride Shayleen’s new hubby wore a colorful pair of floral socks to show off his personal style on their wedding day! (Photo: Laura Anderson)


Shoes should be the very last thing you pick out for your wedding tuxedo look. You should only pick shoes that match everything, once you have the rest of the details of your tuxedo all figured out.

We hope this little guide gave you some good information to help you pick out the perfect tuxedos for your wedding day! If you or your fiance are still searching for the perfect wedding dress, bridesmaids’ dresses, or even tuxedos, Something New Boutique has you covered! Book an appointment today, and we’ll help you find the dress(es) of your dreams! We also have plenty of accessories to help you finish off your look in a big way!

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groom wedding tuxedo guide tips something new boutique colorado

Photo: Ash Durham

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