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Maid of Honor & Best Man Responsibilities

How Your Honor Attendants Can Help You On Your Wedding Day

Congratulations on your engagement! If you haven’t started planning your wedding yet, you might be wondering where you should start in the whole planning process. One of the very first steps should be deciding who your bridesmaids will be and, most importantly, who your Maid of Honor will be. You and your future spouse’s Honor Attendants (Maid of Honor & Best Man) aren’t just a part of the wedding for the photos and the memories- they can also help out with a lot of tasks leading up to the wedding, during the wedding, and during the reception, to help take some stress off of you and the groom, so you can relax and enjoy the wedding planning process more!

The wedding planning process can be daunting, and if you aren’t sure exactly what your Maid of Honor and Best Man can do for you, take a look at our lists below. You should decide early in your planning process what you would like your Honor Attendants to assist with, so they know exactly what will be expected of them during all phases of your wedding! That way, everything will run as smoothly as possible!

Maid of Honor

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Before The Wedding

  • Help You Shop for Your Wedding Gown

  • Help You Shop for Your Bridesmaids’ Dresses

  • Spread the Word About Your Wedding Registry

  • Coordinate Bridesmaids’ Dress Orders, Payments, and Fittings

  • Plan Your Bridal Shower and/or Bachelorette Party

  • Create a Wedding Day Emergency Kit

  • Organize Your Bridesmaids on Your Wedding Day

During The Wedding

  • Walk Down the Aisle Directly Before the Bride (if There is No Flower Girl)

  • Adjust the Bride’s Train at the Altar

  • Hold Your Bouquet While You Say Your Vows

  • Carry the Groom’s Wedding Ring (if There is No Ring Bearer)

  • Walk in the Recessional with the Best Man

  • Organize Wedding Programs, Tossing Petals, etc.

  • Sign the Marriage License as a Witness (if Requested)

During The Reception

  • Stand in the Receiving Line

  • Help the Bride Bustle Her Gown

  • Sit at the Head Table Next to the Groom

  • Make a Toast to the Couple

  • Help “Host” the Party (Make Introductions, Get People Dancing, etc.)

  • Dance with the Best Man During the First Dance (if the Wedding Party is Involved)

Best Man

Before The Wedding

  • Help the Groom Shop for Formal Wear

  • Coordinate Tux Fittings and Payments

  • Plan the Couple’s Bridal Shower and/or Bachelor Party

  • Spread the Word About the Couple’s Registry

  • Arrange the Groomsmen’s Travel and Lodging for the Wedding

  • Organize the Groomsmen on Your Wedding Day

During The Wedding

  • Stand at the Front with the Groom and Other Groomsmen as the Procession Begins, or Walk in, in a Jewish Ceremony, or Sit with the Groom’s Family in a Temple Ceremony

  • Carry Bride’s (Or Both) Wedding Ring(s), if Requested

  • Walk in the Recessional with the Maid of Honor

  • Sign the Marriage License as a Witness (if Requested)

During the Reception

  • Stand in the Receiving Line

  • Sit at the Head Table Next to the Bride

  • Serve as the Toastmaster, Making the First Toast to the Couple

  • Dance with the Maid of Honor During the First Dance (if Wedding Party is Involved)

  • Help “Host” the Party (Make Introductions, Get People Dancing, etc.)

  • Help Direct Vendors (Caterer, Photographer, Band, etc.) as Needed

  • Help the Groom Give Out the Final Payments and Tips to Vendors

  • Collect the Gifts and Gift Checks Brought to the Reception

We hope these lists of possible ways your Honor Attendants can assist you will help you during your wedding planning process! If you’re still searching for the perfect wedding dress, bridesmaids’ dresses, or even tuxedos, Something New Boutique has you covered! Book an appointment today, and we’ll help you find the dress(es) of your dreams!

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Photos: Tina Joiner Photography

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