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Bridesmaids Shopping Tips – Finding the Perfect Dresses for Your Party

So you just got engaged, which is super exciting! One of the very next steps, along with finding your wedding dress, is finding your bridesmaids dresses, which is no easy feat! With styles, sizes, colors, prices, and timeline to consider, bridesmaids shopping can seem really hectic and overwhelming!

While we at Something New Boutique are passionate about helping brides find their dream wedding dresses, we also love helping bridesmaids find the perfect dresses too! We’ve broken down a few of our top tips for making bridesmaids shopping as easy as possible! Watch our quick video  for an overview of Kristi and Mindi’s biggest tips:

  1. Have a color, style and price point in mind when you begin shopping.

    It’s super helpful to already have an idea of the color, style and price before starting the process of shopping, so the stylist you’re working with can give you the best recommendations. If you still have no idea what you might like, do some “research” – looking at Pinterest, magazines, Instagram, blogs, etc. – to get inspired. This not only makes the process of finding the dresses easier, it’s also a lot of fun!

    Here are some additional tips for helping solidify the details of your bridesmaids dresses:

    Color– If you’re having a hard time nailing down the color you would like to use, look to your wedding palette and the season of your wedding for inspiration. You should be choosing a color that complements the other colors you have chosen for your wedding, and taking a cue from the season your wedding will take place in (ex: pastels for spring, jewel tones for fall) is always helpful as well! If all else fails, fall back on neutrals like beige or blush- they’re universally flattering and will match pretty much any palette!

    Style– While the style is ultimately up to the bride, keep in mind what your bridesmaids might like to wear. Everyone has a different sense of style, so you won’t be able to please all of your bridesmaids, but consider their feedback before making your final decision. That being said, it’s an honor to be a part of a wedding, and, as Kristi reminds us in the video above, the bride has the ultimate say! So, bridesmaids should keep an open mind and be understanding of the bride’s choices!

    Price– Figuring out a good price point for your bridesmaids dresses can be tricky. Since the bridesmaids have to pay for the dresses themselves, be mindful of what price they are comfortable paying. In fact, it might be a good idea to have each bridesmaid give a max price they are able to pay for their dress. Knowing what each bridesmaid is able to pay will make it a lot easier to narrow down what styles will work for your wedding! Also, keep in mind the price of alterations, which can add anywhere from $25 – $100 to the price of the dress.

  2. Consider shopping in-store, rather than ordering online.

    It can be very tempting to shop online for bridesmaids dresses, especially if your bridesmaids live in a bunch of different locations. And while Something New Boutique has an online portal that would help out of town bridesmaids order and pay for their dresses, we definitely recommend coming to try on dresses in-store! You will get a much better idea of how dresses will fit and what the colors will look like if you see the dress in person! Plus, a trained bridal stylist will be able to help you find the perfect dresses to help meet everyone’s expectations!

  3. Start shopping WAY in advance.

    You should start the process of shopping for your bridesmaids dresses 7 – 8 months before the wedding. Unless you’re buying dresses off the rack, bridesmaids dresses can take anywhere from 6 weeks – 3 months to be cut and shipped to your bridesmaids, so ordering the dresses months ahead of time will cut down on the stress of getting the dresses before the wedding, and will allow ample time for alterations.

These are the tips we believe will help you find your dream bridesmaids dresses with the least amount of stress! Visit the Something New Boutique website to see some gorgeous options for bridesmaids dresses.

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