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4 Reasons Why You Might Choose a Less Experienced Bridal Store (& Why You Should Consider SNB Instead)

    1. You’re Afraid You Won’t Be a Priority With Our Consultants

      Given that our store is one of the largest and most highly-recommended bridal salon in the state, you might think that you’ll be lost or just a number because we work with so many brides. Many brides think they can get a better selection from a large box retailer or a more personalized service from a smaller, less successful boutique.

      The reality is, you can have both! At our store, our goal is to help you find your wedding dress from the literal hundreds of options we have in each size with the least inconvenience and hassle for you. You’ve already got so much going on in the planning of your wedding that one more “appointment” where you spin your wheels isn’t what you’re looking for. What you need is a bridal consultant that is impeccably focused on your needs and wants for your wedding dress, someone who listens, AND someone who really cares about what you’ll wear when you declare your love to the one you’ve chosen.

      You won’t have to compromise with amazing selection AND personalized service. There’s no need to sacrifice because, you’re dealing with one of America’s top bridal retailers and every highly trained member of our team is focused on giving you the VIP treatment you deserve!

      Don’t just take our word for it. Consider what recent bride Rosilynn Willardson said about her experience at our store:

      “When I walked into [Something New Boutique], I didn’t think I’d find anything. I am very picky, and I wanted something simple, but elegant. I had been to many other stores and found things that came close, but weren’t “The Dress.” My consultant was extremely nice and quick, even though she was with another bride that day. After a few [dresses] though, I became discouraged, but my ever-cheerful consultant said there was one last dress she knew I’d love. I tried it on, and as soon as I stepped in front of the mirror, I knew it was “The Dress.” It was simple, elegant, and I looked amazing in it. To make it even better, it was under budget! I am so glad I went to your store to get my perfect wedding dress! I can’t wait to wear it on my big day!”

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    2. You’ve Heard From a Friend that a Certain Store Gives Crazy Discounts and Deals to Brides If You Ask Them.

      We certainly understand the temptation to give business to a friend or another store you may have already been to, especially if that store has offered to cut their price to give you a deal. And, to be blunt, there’s no point in wasting your time or ours attempting to negotiate prices; we don’t discount the price of our dresses.something new boutique wedding dress colorado

      If you’ve already been to another store, and they’ve offered you a big discounted price, here are three cautions you might want to keep in mind:

      1. First, any store that cuts prices must also cut and compromise the service and quality of the overall experience they can provide at their store and that means less for you in the long run.

      2. Second, any store that cuts their prices reveals a mindset about how they sell. It suggests that they will be quickly and easily willing to reduce the other benefits you may get when you buy your wedding dress from them.

      3. Third, any bridal store that is discounting their prices significantly must really need the business, and that may tell you something about how happy his or her brides really are and the small number of individuals who refer their friends and family to come to their store and buy from them. At our store, more than 71% of all brides who buy from us are the direct result of an invitation from a friend or family member to buy from us!

      With these things in mind, you should very thoroughly question any bridal store about their experience, how many referrals they get, and how varied the prices are between what is priced and what is actually sold.

      Your wedding gown isn’t just any dress. It is like the most important formal gown you will ever wear. It is a significant purchase and you don’t want to be pushed into it or settle for something simply because of an over-promising retailer who just can’t deliver on what they’re selling. Please don’t make this mistake!

    3. You Think That All Bridal Stores Are Basically the Same, and Do Basically the Same Thing.

      We hope after reviewing this magazine and discovering all of the differences about our store, that you’ll understand how untrue this statement really is.

      Certainly, all bridal stores sell wedding dresses in the same broad, general sense. But this is like saying all doctors and hospitals do basically the same things. However, there are certain hospitals with a much higher success rate with heart operations than other hospitals. There are doctors that affluent, knowledgeable patients travel great distances to see, and there are doctors who struggle to get enough patients to barely eke out a living in their home towns.

      We attract and have engineered our entire approach to selling wedding gowns for brides who have a profound preference for ‘the best,’ for having the most respected, qualified and capable professionals handle every detail in preparation for their wedding. These same individuals are the ones, who if they have medical need, they seek out the best doctor, not just any doctor. If this describes you, then you know very well that all bridal stores simply cannot be the same. So, for the most important gown you may ever wear, we invite you to seek out and choose the most experienced and most successful team of bridal consultants you can.

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    4. It Doesn’t Matter Which Bridal Consultant Helps Me Find My Dress – I Pretty Much Know What I Want Anyway.

      Very honestly, it may be true that you know exactly what you’re looking for, or feel that you find your dress on your own without any help. Obviously, if you are certain about what you’re looking for, we want to help you find your dream dress as soon as we possibly can.

      However, there can be a very big difference between finding a wedding gown and finding the perfect wedding gown that will fit perfectly to your figure. Experience and a successful track record of helping literally thousands of brides to find a dress that perfectly sculpts to their figure is something you’ll really appreciate as well.

      Experience and a successful track record really do matter. Here’s why: You not only want to find a beautiful wedding dress for your big day, but you want it to fit you perfectly and stun all of the guests at your wedding. You want to find the perfect dress efficiently, without embroiling you in the messy details that will cause you unnecessary frustration, which will disrupt your life. You want a smooth, flawless experience.

      something new boutique wedding dress colorado

      This is the kind of totally satisfying experience we pride ourselves on delivering to every bride who walks through our doors, evidenced by the literally thousands of very happy brides we have served over the past 11 years, and these thrilled brides’ own comments that you can find on our website.

Given these four reasons you may have been considering, we hope you’ll schedule an appointment with one of our caring bridal consultants to help you find your dress!

In helping thousands of brides over the years to find their dream dress, we’ve identified the following key factors that our best brides share:

  • A preference for working with the most professional experts.
  • Willingness to listen to suggestions and act on expert advice.
  • Greatly values their own time.
  • Appreciates a systematic approach to narrowing down and finding the perfect dress.
  • Understands that the purchase of a wedding dress is a critically important decision that should be carefully and expertly handled.
  • Arrives at their decision in a logical, thoughtful manner and says “Yes!” to the dress when the moment is right.

If you feel like you are ready for the best experience you’ll ever have in shopping for any article of clothing (much less a beautiful wedding dress), simply call us and schedule an appointment. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and help prepare you for an experience you’ll always treasure and never forget.

To read even more helpful articles, check out our newest magazine here.

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This gorgeous photography was done by Tina Joiner Photography.

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