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How To: Dreamy Outdoor Winter Wedding

There is something so peaceful and cozy about winter- bundling up in comfy blankets, snuggling up near a roaring fire, fresh, clean snow blanketing the world outside… Not to mention, winter brings us some of the most heart-warming holidays of the year, making it a great time to plan a heart-warming event, like the perfect wedding!

There is so much to love about the season and for all of you out there that claim winter as their favorite season, you might have been dreaming about planning the perfect outdoor winter wedding, amidst all of the dreamy snow. If you’re interested in making your frosty winter fantasy come to life, there are a few things to consider.

We’ve compiled a list of our top tips on how to throw a gorgeous and successful outdoor wedding below:

Consider the Weather

But isn’t the point of an outdoor winter wedding to enjoy the winter weather? Well, yes, but should there be a bad snow storm, or the day becomes a lot colder than you anticipated, you should definitely have some alternative options set up! A venue with large windows and a view of the gorgeous winter snow would be a great compromise over having it outside!

Photo: Essex Resort and Spa, Vermont 

Keep It Short

If your ceremony is being held outside in the cold or snow, make sure to respect your guests’ comfort and keep the ceremony short so that everyone can get inside and enjoy some warmth and cocktails!

Photo: Salt and Pine Photography

Provide Some Warmth

To keep everyone as comfortable as possible during the ceremony, make sure to provide your guests with some sources of warmth- think blankets, or a fire pit. Not only will they keep your guests happy, but they will contribute to the cozy, winter atmosphere of your dreamy wedding! Plus, they could make for some adorable photo ops!


Photos: Left- Dana Cubbage Weddings, Center and Right-

Dress Your Bridesmaids Appropriately

Whether you choose a long-sleeved dress for your bridesmaids, or have them all wear a chic fur stole, it’s important that you keep your girls warm! Also keep in mind the best shoes for the expected weather- strappy heels might not be the best choice for snow!


Photos: Left- Elizabeth Messina, Right- Amy Caroline Photography

Have a Hot Cocktail Hour

After coming in from your cold ceremony, guests are going to want something to warm them to the core. A hot signature cocktail, like a hot toddy or a warm, spiked apple cider will fit the affair perfectly! And for all of your guests that don’t drink, a hot cocoa bar is sure to keep them warm and toasty!


Photos: Left- Pure Wow, Right- Ruth Eileen Photography


We hope these tips help you when you’re planning the perfect winter dreamland wedding! If you’re still looking for your dream wedding dress, visit the Something New Boutique website and browse our extensive collection of designer wedding gowns. Then, book an appointment and visit us in-store at our location in Colorado Springs, Colorado! We would love to give you a VIP experience and help you find a dress you truly love!

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