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Charming Ideas for Adding Something Old to Your Wedding

We’ve all heard that classic bridal rhyme- “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue.” In fact it’s where our own store, Something New Boutique, got its name! This old English rhyme tells of what items a bride should have on her wedding day to ensure prosperity and good luck in her new marriage. Something old represents the bride’s past, something new represents hope for the future and the new marriage, something borrowed represents borrowing the happiness from an already-married couple, and something blue is supposed to represent fidelity, purity and love.

There is so much meaning in this old tradition, and it can be a super fun way to include your family in your wedding festivities, especially when it comes to getting your Something Old or Something Borrowed (they often overlap!).

Today we’re talking about a few of our most favorite ideas for adding Something Old to your wedding that are sure to leave your guests completely charmed!

Vintage Entrance/Getaway Car

Not only would a vintage car add a lot of drama to your arrival or departure from your wedding, it also provides a charming photo opportunity!

Photo: Polly Poodles

Vintage Wedding Dress

If you’re a fan of vintage fashion, then choosing a vintage wedding dress for your big day might seem like a no-brainer! Not only would it add so much class and elegance to your look, it would also be a unique choice that won’t look like a lot of other dresses currently on the market. Bonus points if it also belonged to a family member!

Photo: Biltmore

A Lovely Locket

Either wearing a locket, or attaching it to your bouquet can be a heartwarming way to carry loved ones with you that may not have been able to make it to the wedding. Plus, old photos of family members will make your wedding day look so much more special and meaningful!

Photo: Scott Andrew Studio

A Trusted Pair of Shoes

“Something Old” doesn’t have to mean something vintage! A trusted pair of shoes you’ve had for a while can be the perfect “Something Old” to add to your wedding day look! Not only do your old shoes hold a lot of memories, they’re also already broken in, so your feet will be much more comfortable during your big day!

Photo: Sadie Wiarda

A Family Keepsake

It’s always so heartwarming when you can add something meaningful to your wedding day look that has been passed down through your family. It will make your day that much more special! This bride had her grandmother’s necklace sewn into the hem of her dress- so amazing!

Photo: Michael Falco and Christian Oth St. 

An Old, Meaningful Location

Choose a wedding venue that has a ton of meaning to you, like this couple. They got married on a farm that had been in one of their families for generations, so it definitely qualifies as something old!

Photo: Katie Dessin Photography

We hope we inspired you for your own wedding journey! If you’re still looking for the perfect Something New, browse our extensive collection of designer wedding dresses on the Something New Boutique website, then book an appointment and visit us at our location in Colorado Springs, Colorado!

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