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Whimsical Bridal Hairstyles

Choosing a hairstyle that complements your dress and reflects your own personal style can be an important factor of your overall wedding look. Some brides may choose a traditional updo, but if your style is more boho than classic, we’ve picked a few hairstyles below that will match your whimsical vision. And don’t forget to browse Something New’s selection of bridal dresses to pair with these hairstyles!

Loose Updo

If you like the look and functionality of the updo but want a more relaxed style, a loose updo like the one above paired with this Allure design may be the perfect option. For this modern style, the key is to pin the hair lower, closer to the nape, and allow a few strands to hang loose, framing the face. This look allows you to keep your hair up while dancing the night away, and works well with dresses that feature intricate designs on the back, such as beading and lace.

Add a Braid

Another twist on the classic updo, this version adds a braid and gives a romantic feel to the look. This style, worn with an Essense of Australia design, starts off by braiding a section of hair, and wrapping it over the top of your head, in the style of a crown. You can then pin the rest of the hair in a loose, low bun toward one side, creating a soft updo. Don’t forget to leave a few pieces of hair loose to create loose curls around the face, and you can complete the look with a delicate hair pin, a great way to add a vintage touch to the style.

Low Pony

The low pony is a fresh and modern approach to the pulled-back hairstyles. The key to achieving the look above, paired with a Sottero and Midgley backless gown, is to first curl the hair with a large-barrel curling iron. This will add loose waves to the hair, adding a more polished look to the ponytail and prevent it from looking too casual. Pull a few strands around the face as a finishing touch, and your look is complete!

Fresh Flowers

If you prefer to wear your hair down but need a special touch, try adding fresh flowers to your hair. To achieve a look similar to the one shown with this Maggie Sottero design, first style your hair to create loose waves. Then add a few flowers by pinning them at ear level, away from your face. Gardenias, magnolias, and baby’s breath are some good options to help you create this boho-inspired look.

No matter which hairstyle you choose, the most important thing is to find one that makes you feel beautiful and confident on your big day. To find a dress that will complete your look, stop by our boutique in Colorado Springs, CO!

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