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How Being a Prom Fashion Team Member Changed My Life!

By Karalyn Jones (PFT Member 2014-2015)

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When I was a sophomore in high school I stumbled upon Something New Boutique. I had spent the whole day looking for a prom dress and hadn’t found anything. When I walked in, Mindi greeted me right away. She spent a very long time with me. Eventually I found a dress that made me feel like a princess!

While she was helping me, she told me I should apply to be a representative on Something New Boutique prom fashion team. This was something I had never thought of doing but I decided to apply and see what happened. I was accepted and decided I would do it.

Being a representative took a lot of work and challenged me in ways I hadn’t been challenged before. There was a list of things we had to get done throughout the year to put together and advertise a fashion show. One of the wonderful opportunities the boutique provided was a chance to design a prom dress and enter it into a contest where the winner would have their dress custom made by the boutique.

The boutique posted a picture of each design on Facebook which each representative. Whichever picture got the most “likes” was the winner. The polls were open for a month and within the first few days of the designs being posted, they were already spreading throughout Facebook. By the end of the month my dress had just short of three thousand “likes” all from real people! I also got a lot of encouragement from people who didn’t know me but just loved my design.

prom dress Colorado Springs

Before I was part of this I wanted to study social work when I went to college. Lots of people started asking me if design was something I was interested in doing. I never thought it would be something I could actually do as a career but I started researching schools and programs. Through the whole process I realized how much I love design and fashion. I also realized it was something I could really do. I fell in love with the Apparel and Textile design program at Colorado State University and that is where I will be attending.

If it hadn’t been for the wonderful opportunity Something New Boutique gave me, I can say I wouldn’t be where I am now. Mindi has inspired me with all of her accomplishments. Not only with the quality of her shop and staff but her wonderful Divina line and what it stands for! I love seeing her take something as unique as a wedding dress and use it to make such an impact on people’s lives.



If you are interested in applying to be a Prom Fashion Team Member CLICK HERE for more information.

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