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7 Ways to be the Best Bridesmaid on the Big Day

Lots of advice is given to bridesmaids about how to plan the perfect bridal shower, throw a fun and tasteful bachelorette party, and help the bride prepare for her big day. In this blog post, we want to share with you tips that will enable you be the most helpful bridesmaid on day of the wedding.

A wedding is an emotional experience and it can be easy for you or the bride to be overwhelmed. A lot has gone into planning those hundreds of details and now, on the day of the wedding, you can best serve your friend or sister by providing assurance when she gets overcome with emotion and nerves. When she hears your assurance that things are going well and according to plan, she will be able to relax and enjoy the precious moments that are happening. You may have to run interference on occasion to ensure that everything does go right, but that is part of the fun!  Here are seven of the best ways you can help the bride on her wedding day as a bridesmaid.


  1.    Get a good night sleep the day before. Regardless of what time the wedding begins, you need to be on your “A-Game” which means that you need to get plenty of rest. Time seems to fly by on the wedding day and it will go by much faster than you expect. You may be at the salon early to get your hair and makeup done, but once the day begins, it will be a non-stop until the bride and her new groom drive off into the sunset.


  1.    Be on time. Nothing will stress out the bride more than showing up late to the events that you’ve been planning over the last several months. It may be a good idea to assign yourself or one of the bridesmaids the job of providing wake up calls or texts that morning to ensure that everyone is on time and ready to go.


  1.    Stay hydrated and be sure to eat. It is easy to get so caught up in the details of the moment that you don’t take time for yourself. This often means that you are so busy taking care of the bride that you don’t drink or eat all day. When this happens, you limit your effectiveness in helping the bride, especially if the wedding is in the late afternoon or evening.


  1.    Use checklists to ensure that everything is getting done and that you are staying on schedule. There are a myriad of last minute things that come up in planning a wedding from picking up the dress to making sure you have everything you need for the day. Be prepared for emergencies. There are many great resources on what you should pack in a bridal or bridesmaid emergency kit (We’ll write more about these in a future blog post). The important thing is to think about the sequence. For example, you don’t want to be waiting on your nails to dry when the bride asks you to help her get into her dress. Being organized and following the plan you’ve established will help you avoid awkward situations and any frustration on the part of any at the event. One last piece of advice about checklists: Don’t wait too long to order your bridesmaid and/or mother’s dresses. Many bridal parties wait too long and as a result, they feel tremendous anxiety and have to settle for what they will wear instead of planning ahead. At our store, we have many wonderful options for you to help each member of your party find the perfect dress. Schedule an appointment soon to be sure everyone is ready for the big day.


  1.    Know how to help the bride put on her dress. If her wedding dress has a lace up back, go to the store or to the seamstress for the final fitting. Ask for some tips on how to make sure that you are doing it right. In particular, it is essential that you understand how to bustle up her train after the ceremony. If you are in charge of helping the bride with her dress, go with her to one of the fittings and learn how to bustle up the dress. If you have done a trial run, you’ll be confident and will know what to do when it is time. If you haven’t already done so, decide who will be in charge of straightening the bride’s train as she walks down the aisle and who will smooth it behind her when she stops and prepares to share her vows. Many pictures are taken of these moments, so if you can get in and out quickly and ensure that the train looks right, she’ll be much happier with how the pictures turn out. The maid of honor typically handles this, but be sure you talk about who will do what and when to avoid confusion.


  1.    Decide who will watch over the bouquets and be sure they are distributed to the bride and bridesmaids. It may be a good idea if the florist hasn’t already done so to label who each corsage and boutonniere are for so that it is clear who will be wearing one and who won’t.


  1.    Be there for the bride. As was mentioned earlier, she likely will be feeling many emotions on her wedding day and will need your support and assurance. You’ve spent months preparing for this moment. Treasure the moments you have together and offer your help.  Know how the ceremony will proceed and when help may be needed. If there is ever an awkward pause and you see terror and panic in her eyes, step in and offer your assurance. It may just be a quick hug or a quick smile, but your assurance will mean so much to her.


You are about to embark upon a wonderful adventure as a bridesmaid. You’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid for a meaningful reason. Be there for the bride as you prepare to make wonderful memories you’ll always treasure and never forget.

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