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3 Things to NOT forget the week of your wedding!

Everyone knows how crazy and hectic the week of your wedding can be. As we enter the 1st week of July, summer weddings are in full swing. We wanted to post a reminder to brides about three very important things NOT to forget as you get caught up in the craziness.

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1. TUXEDOS. You and your bridesmaids have had your fittings and now is the time for the men to have theirs. Tuxedo’s arrive the week OF the wedding usually 2-3 days before your event. We call everyone to let them know when their tuxedos are here and schedule a time for them to come try them on here in the store. If they need a replacement of size , we can get it here the very next day. Though it may seem like we cut if close for the men, it is a perfect turn around time, hassle free. Keep in mind, you usually have that one groomsmen who doesn’t live here and can’t get into town until the night before. Don’t freak out. We can do temporary alterations to the pieces but all the more reason to have them get good, accurate measurements where they live. We recommend going to a Jim’s Formal Wear retailer that is closest to them. There are over 5,000 authorized Jim’s Formal Wear Retailers nationwide – six times the number of any other tuxedo rental source!


wedding dresses colorado springs2. STEAMING. Here at Something New Boutique, we steam everything that is purchased here complimentary, where as most places will charge between $100-300.  Not only does this include the full bride’s attire, but the wedding party as well.  We recommend dropping the items off at the beginning of the wedding week, typically Monday or Tuesday, then picking up Thursday or Friday depending on the event date. Also, when you pick up, you will NOT want to put it back in your cute SNB garment bag as tempting as it may be. That will re-wrinkle the gown all over again. Bring a vehicle that you can put down a few seats to make it as long as possible (especially if you have a longer train).  When you arrive to your destination, hang the gown high or make sure the train is flat and spread out.



3. STAY CALM. The stress of wedding week, can make some people go crazy. To prevent that, stay organized. If you do not have a wedding coordinator, maybe have a personal attendant that can help you keep the details in order. Remember, as brides we OVER plan and OVER stress about every aspect of the wedding. What matters is that at the end of the day, you will be married. The details of having everything 100% perfect at this point won’t even matter. Go on your honeymoon and enjoy. Bask in the memories that you’ve just created and cherish them. They will last a lifetime.  Now breath a sigh of relief and tackle it!

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