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**Luxe Weddings** {Featured Vendor of the Week}

Another beautiful week here in the bridal world, and another wonderful vendor to share with you all!

Meet Kelly of Luxe Weddings!

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Q & A with Kelly Turner – A Colorado Wedding Planner

Q: Why Should I Hire A Wedding Planner?

A: Wedding Planners are designed to ease the stress of the wedding planning process and the wedding day itself. I hear from many local venues and vendors that there is a HUGE difference between a wedding that hires a planner and a wedding without a planner. Brides can spend countless hours and a lot of money hiring the right DJ, photographer or florist and they often overlook the need to hire someone who is going to make sure the vendors provide all the services that they are paying for. Many of the last minute details and “day-of” coordination end up falling on the shoulders of the Mother of the Bride, Bridesmaids or family members. Those closest to you end up working on your wedding day but with a Planner, the bride and her entire family get to relax and actually ENJOY the big day!

Q: Why Do I need a Wedding Planner when the Venue will, “Do All of That?”

A: The biggest misconception is that your contact at the venue will run the rehearsal and ceremony. Catering Directors and Coordinators are there to make sure the needs of the venue are being met with what is in the contract. Details like setting up ceremonial objects, guestbook, gifts, escort cards and so on, do not fall under the venue’s responsibility. Always confirm with the location of the ceremony and reception what they will, and will not, be in charge of.

Q: Is Hiring a Colorado WeddingPlanner Affordable?

A: YES! Many brides don’t think they can afford a Wedding Planner. But our packages can be customized to meet the bride’s budget and needs. The value of a Wedding Planner is in the ability to truly enjoy your day…this means you should not be thinking about whether the Officiant has arrived or the flowers are on the correct tables. Every single one of my brides has told me that is was the most valuable money they spent on their wedding.Q: What are some things a Wedding Planner does that I wouldn’t know about?

A: In addition to being behind the scenes making sure your wedding is flawless, Luxe Weddings offers many other extras that most brides don’t think of. For example, the wedding party needs to eat breakfast or lunch because it is a long day! So we coordinate the drop-off of lunch for the wedding party. Another example, many brides don’t realize their dress needs to be steamed last minute; we provide an on-site steamer to ensure your dress is unblemished before you walk down the aisle. These are just a couple of examples of the little bonuses a bride gets from hiring a Wedding Planner at Luxe.

Q: What’s the Biggest Piece of Advice You Can Offer a Bride?

A: Don’t lose sight of the Marriage! Wedding Planning shouldn’t become so stressful that you’re forgetting about the marriage that comes after it. Take time to go on date nights without talking about the wedding. If the planning becomes too stressful it is time to hire a professional so that you can truly take pleasure in getting married!

Kelly Turner is the owner and lead planner at Luxe Weddings.

You can visit her website at

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