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Can’t make it to London this week?

The Royal Wedding is finally here! Something that only happens once in a blue moon, it is an occasion to be celebrated!

Here at Something New Boutique, we are so ecited to celebrate with the world as this rare event is taking place next week! We are going to be celebrating all week long. We will be giving a complimentary tiara with every purchase of a wedding gown on Friday and Saturday. Want to celebrate, but have nobody to indulge with? Come see us! We will celebrate and party it up here at the shop! And yes. We will be watching the event live. It may be 4am, but we can’t pass up an opportunity like this!

Don’t forget to tune in to TLC throughout the week. They will be doing different special shows throughout the week covering all the details and events following the wedding.

So, come on by the shop anytime this week! It will be a Royal Wedding themed week. And on Friday and Saturday, come find your dream wedding dress, and the perfect tiara to top off your look!

Check back in after the festivities, to hear our thoughts on all the details that will be unveiled that day…. especially Kate’s look!


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