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What’s so great about a veil?

Veils have been a long running tradition, starting with the Greeks and Romans. While their veils were yellow, blue, and even sometimes red, the traditions that tied in were very much religious and superstitious. With a huge need to ward off evil spirits, and show female submission, the meanings behind a veil were very different then, compared to the significance of the veil, as we know it today.

As veils came to the western world, they kept some of their religious symbolism, but also gained couture value, turning from a demeaning piece of clothing, to a symbol of beauty, desire, and grace. The symbolism also continued in the belief that the bride was set apart, being covered and prepared for her husband.

With the turn of the century, many traditions have been thrown out of the window, and anything goes. Veil or no veil, there is a freedom tied in to weddings that allows for as much tradition or as little as you would like.

We all know that picturesque moment when the doors are opened, and the bride is standing there, with the veil blushing (draped over) her face. It is traditionally a symbol of presentation; ie. the bride being presented by her father, to her now husband. Don’t like the idea of blushing your face? Try blushing your shoulders. You get the same sentimental traditions without the mess and fuss of tulle surrounding your head.

Whether it’s lace, a simple strand of pearls, or sparkle throughout, each veil contains it’s own design and beauty to coordinate with your dress. It could be a grand cathedral length veil such as the one Princess Diana wore, or a sweet and simple bird-cage veil that Reese Witherspoon made so desirable in Sweet Home Alabama, every veil changes the look of the dress. You can find veils like these, and more at Something New Boutique! Let us help you with your bridal veil needs.

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